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Helping Seniors Cross the Digital Divide

A junior at Western Center Academy, a STEM focused high school, Isabella Martinez is the founder of Net4Seniors, a youth led non-profit organization where teens provide internet, social media, and smart device training to help senior citizens connect to their friends, families and the world. Isabella has received awards from Google, Disney, the Teen Entrepreneur Academy and has been featured on TV, internet radio and newspaper. She is a member of USC’s Youth Think Tank, the Hispanic National Bar Foundation and Whatever It Takes, a social entrepreneur program for teens.

Digital Inclusion: a kinder, fairer and more connected community

A talk on how to support older Australians to better understand the internet through digital connections. National Director, Good Things Foundation This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

The Superpower of Intergenerational Living

The Stanford University Center for Longevity reports that there are three key areas associated with long life - financial security, health and social connections. Many cultures around the world have already figured this out and live naturally in a three-generation setting establishing the cultural norms, sharing traditions and life experiences, and creating safety to the community.

Recréer du lien intergénérationnel durable | Thibault Bastin & Bathélemy Gas | TEDxParis

De leurs expériences à l’étranger, Thibault et Barthélemy ont rapporté une conviction : les seniors sont une ressource indispensable à l’équilibre de nos sociétés. Arrivés à l’âge de la retraite, ces derniers ont acquis une précieuse expertise et de nombreux savoir-faire. Pour réinjecter ces compétences dans notre société, les deux jeunes entrepreneurs ont décidé de créer une plateforme qui encourage les échanges intergénérationnels et la création de liens durables.

Comment le numérique peut-il créer du lien intergénérationnel ?



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