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  What Were BESTIE Clubs?

BESTIE Clubs were innovative spaces for intergenerational learning and digital inclusion. They served as a response to key EU challenges, combining in-person and online networking to create inclusive environments for learning and social interaction. These clubs aligned with Action 8 of the EU Skills Agenda, focusing on 'Skills for Life', and aimed to increase lifelong learning and digital competency among adults.

                                                The Mission of BESTIE Clubs

Our mission was centred on enhancing lifelong learning, with a special focus on unemployed adults who had been distant from educational opportunities. We were committed to boosting digital literacy across a broad adult demographic. Additionally, our goal was to increase overall adult learning participation, emphasising the involvement of low-qualified adults in continuous education and breaking down the barriers they often faced in accessing learning resources.

Our Approach

We established 5 Bestie Intergenerational Network Clubs in France, Spain, Greece, and Ireland. These clubs were designed to:
• Foster social and digital inclusion, diversity, and digital transformation.
• Develop resilience and capacities in adult learners, educators, and communities.
• Create innovative, participatory learning environments.

Innovations and Outputs

Network Guide: We developed a comprehensive guide to creating and sustaining intergenerational learning networks.

Formation of Network Clubs: We established 5 clubs across Europe, focusing on digital skills and community-based learning.

Impact on Marginalised Groups

The clubs were safe spaces where members gained confidence in digital and social skills. We targeted +150 members across 5 clubs, enhancing their digital competence and fostering active participation in society.

Impact for Adult Educators

Educators gained insights into diverse learning styles and techniques for effective skill development, with at least 20 educators involved in the creation phase of our network guide.

                              Join Us in Reflecting on the Difference Made!


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