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The Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion project aims to provide a fresh and innovative model of cross fertilization of digital and social skills for senior citizens, migrants, and young people.

As the world becomes a more digital place, we
cannot forget about the human connection
Adam Neumann

The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think

- Simeon Preston, Bupa

The BESTIE project promotes cooperation within the community on an intergenerational basis, bringing together seniors, migrants, and young people with the help of adult educators, to overcome the digital and social exclusion of these groups, by allowing them to work together on bridging key skills.

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Project Activities

Result 01

A Best Practice Report

Befriending as an Intergenerational Approach to Digital Skills Development which supports inclusion, diversity, and digital transformation by showing 30 best practices of how to implement a peer-to-peer digital skills learning approach that is intergenerational and intercultural, between seniors, migrants, and youth.

Result 02

Intergenerational Network Clubs

A unique and modern participatory method, using in person and online networking as a basis for building intergenerational clubs as inclusive learning environments for social and digital inclusion that fosters equity and equality.

Result 03

Digital Competencies Toolkit

The toolkit will provide practical guidance and tools for adult educators, to support digital transformation and to directly increase digital competencies of seniors and migrants, as well as give topics for mentorship to young people and migrants (in teacher roles).

Result 04

Interactive Learning Digital Platform

An interactive exchange platform housing all project results for digital competencies knowledge and social skills development.

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