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The Mondo Digitale organisation is a non-profit based in Rome, Italy, that aims to promote the use of technology for social and cultural development. One of the most interesting aspects of their work is their focus on intergenerational innovation, or the idea that people of different ages can work together to develop new solutions to common problems.

Mondo Digitale's intergenerational innovation work takes many different forms, from programs that bring young people and seniors together to teach each other new skills, to workshops that encourage collaboration between people of all ages to create innovative new products and services.

One of Mondo Digitale's most successful intergenerational programs is their "Grandparents on the Internet" initiative. This program brings together young people and seniors to teach each other about technology and the internet. The young people help the seniors learn how to use computers, smartphones, and other digital devices, while the seniors share their life experiences and wisdom with the young people. This program has been incredibly successful in bridging the digital divide between generations and helping both young people and seniors feel more connected to each other and to the wider world.

Another example of Mondo Digitale's intergenerational innovation work is their "Innovative Fabrication" program. This program brings together people of all ages to collaborate on the development of new products and services using digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting. The program has been particularly successful in promoting entrepreneurship and helping young people develop new skills and career opportunities.

Overall, Mondo Digitale's intergenerational innovation work is an inspiring example of how people of different ages can work together to create positive social and cultural change. By bringing together young people and seniors to learn from each other and collaborate on new projects, Mondo Digitale is helping to build a more connected, inclusive, and innovative society.

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