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Assistive Technology Hub | I ❤️ AT

Welcome to I ❤️ AT!
We're a community of assistive tech lovers who know the value of finding the right support tool.

There’s a place for everyone in our community, and we encourage advocacy for any technology that’s proven to help. You’re welcome here!

Our community values:

Be respectful
Be curious

Intergenerational Connections

Join ongoing conversations about intergenerational programs and strategies to connect young and old. Use this as a forum to ask questions, get ideas, and share resources and learning opportunities.

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Helping seniors with technology

Age in Place Tech Support is a community for family caregivers who are caring for elderly loved ones that are aging in place.

Our group is designed to help you get the most out of technology and make daily caregiving tasks easier.
We're here to provide support, resources, and guidance on using technology to enhance your loved one's quality of life.

Our group is also a safe space for seniors who are looking to learn how to use technology to maintain their independence.

Whether you're a tech novice or a pro, we welcome you to join our community and connect with others who understand your caregiving journey.

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Information Technology Group

welcome to new members information technology group.

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IDOL Project

IDOL aims to design and develop a new teaching approach which empowers HEI staff and lecturers to implement intergenerational digital service learning through; innovative modes of collaboration, improved digital skills and better understanding of the role of service learning not just a “third mission” activity but as an essential part of HE educational mission.

Silver Geek

Silver Geek is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of older citizens by fostering social connections across generations and bridging the digital gap. Our mission involves collaborating with our operational partners to implement two key initiatives:

  1. We conduct engaging weekly digital workshops, facilitated by young people, at various locations catering to older adults. These include care homes (EHPAD), community action centres (CCAS), independent living residences, socio-cultural centres, and community hubs.

  2. We organise the 'Silver Geek Seniors Trophy', an exciting amateur Esports competition where teams of elderly participants compete. The regional finals of this event are celebrated at major Esports gatherings like the Gamers Assembly, Paris Games Week, Japan Expo, and Stunfest.

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L’Université du temps libre

L’Université du temps libre (Free time University) is a university in Bordeaux, France, open to all, targeting mainly older adults, that offers more than 110 workshops and activities, as well as courses, lectures and debates, trips and outings, all combining free time with lifelong learning.

Qualified teachers teach for pleasure in a friendly environment. There are no end-of-year exams. Workshops are held in small groups adapted to the different levels of participants. The wide range of timetables means you can work out your own schedule. Activities are spread across the metropolitan area, so wherever you live, you can sign up. The activities are open to everyone: there are no age or diploma requirements.

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The ensemble2générations

The ensemble2générations network is keen to contribute to the general interest, and aims to respond to social issues by promoting solutions for intergenerational housing and cohabitation between young and old, with the overriding aim of supporting people in their most vulnerable situations.

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Le Pari Solidaire

Since 2004, Le Pari Solidaire has been the pioneering not-for-profit association for solidarity-based intergenerational cohabitation, and has supported more than 5,000 intergenerational cohabitations in Paris and the Île-de-France region.

The solidarity-based intergenerational cohabitation contract enables a person aged 60 or over to house a young person under the age of 30 in exchange for a modest financial contribution (convivial formula), or a commitment that the young person will be present in the evening and at night (solidarity-based formula).

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As digital services and e-administration become increasingly prevalent, the challenge of digital divide and literacy persists. addresses this by serving as a hub for professionals committed to digital inclusion, including social support organisations and public service agents. The site features:

  • In-depth, human-focused profiles of key figures in digital solidarity across Bordeaux, Gironde, and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
  • Sector news, mapping data, and summaries of key meetings.
  • A resource library offering a curated collection of sector news, important documents, and other essential materials, with a focus on collaborative and participatory growth.
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Age Friendly Louth

Age Friendly Louth champions a vision of a society that embraces every age. We're not just preparing for an ageing population; we're celebrating it. By fostering understanding and cooperation between generations, we're building a community where everyone, young and old, thrives together.

Our work involves close collaboration with various stakeholders, including local governments, community organizations, and health services. Together, we're creating programmes and initiatives tailored to the unique needs of all age groups.

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Grow Remote

Grow Remote is social enterprise on a mission to make good quality job opportunities available to everyone, regardless of their location. As their focus is on remote online job opportunities, they also do a lot of work with their local chapters offline to support social inclusion. Social and Digital inclusion is an important aspect of their work. 

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Dundalk Men's Shed

Local Men's Sheds like the one in Dundalk support the development of all men having the opportunity to maintain and improve their well-being on their own terms and within their own communities.

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Global Intergenerational Week

Global Intergenerational Week is an annual campaign that enters its third year with a steadfast commitment to fostering connections between generations. This initiative is designed for everyone passionate about intergenerational practices, aiming to bring together individuals, groups, organizations, government bodies, and NGOs. The focus is on inspiring a broad spectrum of society to embrace intergenerational practices, emphasizing the meaningful interaction between younger and older generations.

This year, DCU Age-Friendly is at the forefront of promoting the campaign in Ireland. They have developed a dedicated webpage that serves as a comprehensive resource for all intergenerational events linked to the Global Intergenerational Week within the country. The site is a hub for information and participation, offering insights into various activities and opportunities for engagement across Ireland, thereby strengthening the intergenerational dialogue and collaboration.

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