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A few decades apart did not prevent laughter, anecdotes and memories from coming out during the intergenerational meetings in Cenon between the high school students of La Morlette and the residents of Camille Pelletan.

Within the framework of the project "BESTIE, Befriending for social and digital inclusion" ([]) and the end of year "masterpiece" of the AEPA class (animation for children and elderly people), about thirty high school students and elderly people exchanged during 3 meetings.

Workshop 1 - Games, memory and digital technology

On 12 December 2022, the intergenerational group shared a snack and took part in games on the Cenon of yesterday and today. The young people had designed a hangman, a timeline, a quiz, drawings, a memory game and a customised "kahoot" for the occasion.

The participants left with a smile on their faces and a desire to return.

Workshop 2 - Digital

"I know how to use my phone, but I take opportunity of having young people to ask everything I don't know! You always have to learn!" On 31 March 2023, the two groups met again. The residents were able to ask them questions about their mobile phones, but also to ask for help in downloading an application, or to understand how another one works. Some residents, more expert than others, were able to show, not without pride, that they too were "connected". The young people took their role as "experts" very seriously and enjoyed accompanying these learners, a great way to promote the informal knowledge of the new generations.
This convivial moment allowed the residents to discover new functionalities in order to facilitate their daily life. It was also an opportunity to create a link between the "young generation" and the residents, well beyond technology, which is used here as a tool for creating social links. A real moment of humanity and exchange of skills.

Workshop 3 - Urban stroll

organises urban walks to discover the little known or poorly known districts of Bordeaux and its surroundings, the young people created and led a connected urban walk in Cenon. During this walk, the students set up several workshops, such as an immersion in the street art culture, the narration of the legend of the golden doe of Cenon, a dance workshop, an online quiz on the city of Cenon and a sensory experience. The young people had also created QR codes at each stage to encourage the rest of the group to use their phones and GPS.

The activities were carried out with enthusiasm and professionalism, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The young people were asked, during the preparation, to take into account the difficulties of walking and not to be in a performance mode. They also learnt the keys to making a good presentation, including being friendly and listening. This meaningful initiative offered participants a rich experience of discovery and sharing, thus promoting social inclusion and intergeneration. This project is a concrete and successful example of the implementation of policies aimed at fighting exclusion and promoting living together.

Congratulations to the teaching team, Isabelle Maisonobe, Anne Braun and Jean-Michel Martinez, to the students of the AEPA course and to the school management for the organisation!

Article by Lou Pohin, Walter Laguë- Salinas and Catherine Rolland Landy from LABA.

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